Buyer's Home Inspection

All home inspections are designed with the buyer in mind.
We do not schedule more than 2 inspections per day,  usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each inspection takes on average 3-4 hrs depending on the condition of the home. Homes that are new or vacant may take a little less time.

All reports are computer generated with the current, state of the art inspection software and State of Florida Insurance forms include digital media of the inspection at no extra charge. If you can find a better deal, a more dedicated inspector, or a more detailed report than I can provideā€¦take it! Because quality is very hard to find in this business and those that provide it are in high demand.

New Home Final Inspection

New Home Final Inspections cover all the items noted below as well as a detailed focus on FBC (Florida Building Code) and local municipality requirements for new home construction. We also review the manufacturer's recommended installation procedures for the appliances (such as furnace, water heater, air-conditioner).
The Final Inspection brings another set of eyes and observations to the entire construction of the home. Often Travis finds items that have been overlooked or incorrectly installed. Our approach is to note same and have your builder address such items as required. Sometimes the local municipality has approved such an installation or modification and the builder is then reluctant to make any corrections. Again ... it is about doing "what is right" for the overall operation and integrity of the home.

Pre-sale Home Inspections:

There are often occurrences where one puts their home on the market and fails to factor in the costs of unforeseen repairs that are found when a potential buyer hires a Home Inspector. Sometimes the potential buyer is scared off by the home inspection report from the Inspector they hired.

This is an example of a 'deal killer.'

Wouldn't you, as a seller want to know if there is an issue with your home that could possibly cause your home to be on the market much longer than you anticipate, and may potentially lower the amount you receive from your home. In some cases the issue is minor but just may scare off the potential buyer. 

When I conduct pre-sale home inspections, I help the client factor in possible repairs that they may have to correct, and evaluate if the repair is an issue that could possibly scare a potential buyer off.

What I inspect:

Interior, Exterior Walls and Wall Coverings
Patios, Decks & Covers
Sidewalks & Driveways
Soffits & Fascia
Doors, Windows, & Trim
Gutters & Downspouts
Retaining Walls, Fences & Gates
Roof Structure & Coverings
Vents & Vent Stacks
Service Entrance
Grounding & Bonding
Service Entrance Panel & Sub-panels
Branch Circuits
Switches, Fixtures, Ceiling Fans & Receptacles
Air conditioning units: condenser and EVAP coils
Ductwork: Return & Supply
Main Supply Lines
Distribution System
Water Pressure and Flow
Fixtures, Vents and Traps
Pool/spa (and safety equipment)
Attic & Walls
A/C Ductwork
Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Windows
Doors, Stairs, Fireplaces, Smoke Detectors
Oven, Range, Cooktop
Microwave, Disposer
Garage Door Operators

I rely upon my former clients' word of mouth, referrals, web-searches and recommendations by other professionals.


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